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     This website contains Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) developed to help protect sensitive coastal environments and resources along the Massachusetts coastline in the event of an oil spill into marine waters. 160 GRS have been developed for the state through a MassDEP Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup project that included participation from multiple federal, state, and local agencies and 70 coastal communities. To date, 32 GRS have been developed for the North Shore Region, 18 for Boston Harbor, 14 for the South Shore Region, 29 for sites in the Cape and Islands, 55 in Buzzards Bay, and 12 for the Mount Hope Bay Region.

2023 marks 15 YEARS
of continuous






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Anytime a community's trailer is used to respond to a spill, contact MassDEP's 24 hr spill line at

In addition to the GRS, meeting materials, process descriptions and other supporting documents are included on this website.

Massachusetts GRS are grouped into six regions. Click on the region name below or the "GRS Regions" tab above for region-specific information and to view and download each GRS:



The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has contracted with Nuka Research, an oil spill consulting firm with local offices in Plymouth, to facilitate this ongoing GRS development, testing, and training program.

If you would like to participate in future GRS development, and/or the ongoing exercise, testing, and training program in Massachusetts, please contact Sam Butler at or Mike Popovich at and we will add you to our membership list for the appropriate GRS region(s).

MassDEP, Boston Office:

Julie Hutcheson

Section Chief

Marine Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program

100 Cambridge Street, 9th Floor

Boston, MA 02114

(617) 556-1191

MassDEP, Northeast Regional Office: 

Andrew Clark

Section Chief

150 Presidential Way

Woburn, MA 01801

(617) 947-2245

MassDEP, Southeast Regional Office: 

Dan Crafton

Section Chief

Emergency Response

20 Riverside Drive

Lakeville, MA 02347

(508) 946-2721

Nuka Research:

Sam Butler

10 Samoset St.

Plymouth, MA 02360

(774) 240-9194

Mike Popovich

10 Samoset St.

Plymouth, MA 02360

(508) 524-8015

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